Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Patio

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Twinkling fairy lights are woven through the branches
above, casting a soft, enchanting glow as day
transitions to dusk. Lanterns hang from sturdy hooks,
the gentle sound of a trickling fountain, its soothing
melody merging with the chorus of chirping crickets.

Outdoor Patio Smells Like ... iced sweet peach tea, night blooming florals & hot summer evening.



Add a summer touch to your home with our 16oz Clear Glass Jar Candle. Topped with a cozy rust metal lid and wicked with natural, cotton threaded wicks for a clean and smooth burn. Each and every candle is carefully hand poured and made with American grown soy bean wax and eco clean scents with the use of 100% phthalate free fragrance oils, meaning no harsh chemicals or ingredients are used in the process. 


APPROXIMATE BURN TIME: 16oz - approx. 100 hours.

SUGGESTED BURN TIME: 3-4 hours per burn for longevity, quality & safety