Festival of Evergreens

Festival of Evergreens

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Decorated mantles of evergreens, a crackling yule log on the fire. Christmas trees in every room, some red, some gold, some green and some blue. Twinkling on a cold night, you find comfort in each of their magical light.

Aromas of ..

 fresh cut evergreens trees. winter cedar



Add a vintage Victorian inspired candle to your home with our 9 oz candles, labeled with Victorian era labels. Topped with a cozy black matte lid, and wicked with 100% natural cotton braided wicks for a clean and smooth burn.

Each and every candle is hand poured with admiration and made from American grown soy bean wax. The fragrance oils are carefully picked using safe oils for your home and family.


Please burn your candle no longer than 3-4 hours at a time for best quality and safety. Failure to burn within those times could result in soot, a high flame and the possibility cracked jars.


9 oz Glass Jar